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Domain Name Purchase

If you are considering to buy a domain whether a .com or .net, there are several key factors to consider.

  1. Are you registering just the keyword? If so, then a .net is probably ok, but if you're adding a prefix like my or the to a double keyword base, you're stretching it.
  2. Iis the .com developed? If the .com is developed, you may want to consider another domain but if it is parked, this is point in favor of .net as you might get some unsatisfied trickle down type-in.
  3. How competitive is the niche? If you're dropping down from a .com in a lightly competitive niche, it becomes less likely you would want to build a serious website on the .net.
  4. How does the domain sound? This test is always a good tie breaker in your decision

In practical function, .net performs better than stereotypes would have you believe. Quite simply, many people can remember a .net and .net websites have proven that they can be branded into a marketable property with or without the .com's help. Obviously it would be beneficial to hold both extensions under your domain keywords, but several large online websites have done well soley under .net. Additionally, if you are buying for pure SEO purposes, .net works beautifully and allows your website to work under the same broad scale as a .com (while other extensions like .org and .mobi don't.)

.Com domains will always be king but if the keywords are desirable enough and the price tag on the .com is out of your budget, there is no shame in taking a .net, especially because of the rapid registering of domain names.

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