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Domain Cloaking

On the surface, domain cloaking sounds like a great idea. The concept is to show users a pretty web site that meets their needs, while at the same time showing search engines a highly optimized pagethat probably would be almost useless to users. In other words, itís a slimy trick to gain search engine ranking while providing users with a nice site to look at.

It starts with content cloaking, which is accomplished by creating web-site code that can detect and differentiate a crawler from a site user. When the crawler enters the site, it is re-directed to another web site that has been optimized for high search engine results. The problem with trying to gain higher search results this way is that many search engines can now spot it. As soon as they find that a web page uses such a cloaking method, the page is delisted from the search index and not included in the results.

Many less-than-savory SEO administrators will use this tactic on throw-away sites. They know the site wonít be around for long anyway (usually because of some illegal activity), so they use domain cloaking to garner as much web site traffic as possible before the site is taken down or delisted.

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