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Does hosting matter to SEO?

That question comes up frequently when a company or individual is designing a web site. Does it matter who hosts your site? The answer is no, but thatís not to say that domain hosting is unimportant. Elements of the hosting have a major impact on how your site ranks in search results.

One of the biggest issues that youíll face with domain hosting is the location of your hosting company. If youíre in the United States and you purchase a domain that is hosted on a server in England, your search engine rankings will suffer. Geographically, search engine crawlers will read your site as being contradictory to your location. Because many search engines serve up results with some element of geographical location included, this contradiction could be enough to affect your ranking. So in that case, it would be wise to choose a web host based in the United States, such as iPage (review of a shared hosting platform). According to a review of WebhostingHub by BestWebHostingPlanners. The have 2 data centers. They give you the option to the data center that is nearer to you and you get to enjoy higher efficiency.

The length of time for which you register your domain name could also affect your search engine ranking. Many hackers use throw away domains, or domain names that are registered for no more than a year, because they usually donít even get to use the domain for a full year before they are shut down. For this reason some search engines have implemented ranking criteria that give priority to domains registered for longer periods. A longer registration also shows a commitment to maintaining the web site.

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