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Different Navigational Systems

People think differently from each other, so you need to provide them with numerous avenues for finding their way around your site. And by doing so,you’re also giving more information to search engines and ensuring that search engines can navigate your site easily.

Here are some different navigational systems you can add to your site:

  1. Sitemap. This page links to the different areas of your site, or even, in the case of small sites, to every page in the site. An example is
  2. Table of Contents or Index page. You can sort the page thematically or alphabetically.
  3. Navigation bars. Most sites have navigation bars these days. Navigation text links. Little links at the bottom of your pages, or along the sides, can help people find their way around . . . and the search engines, too.

I like to add simple text links near the top, rather than the bottom, of the page. Users with slow connections see these links quickly, and search engines are sure to find them. (Sometimes, on large and complex Web pages, search engines may miss links at the bottom of the page.)

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