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Deep Linking

In deep linking, you will get a link straight to the particular page on your web site, which you are going to link them to. The question is how will it benefit you?

So let us look at the various benefits of deep linking:

  1. This will make webmasters excited regarding linking with you/your site simply because you will be putting them on your web site and not on any low rank, shady website where people might not visit.
  2. This will give a signal to other webmasters that you have studied their website carefully and completely and hence know where their link will fit on your website. It is any day better than a simple swapping of web site links. There is a more meaningful result associated with deep linking.
  3. You will start to build link popularity directly on to the pages that are within your web site.
  4. You will have the leverage and hence you will be in a position to ask for better links from different web sites. This means that there will be no dumping of links. You will also have the advantage of asking for links of importance from various webmasters.
  5. Your links page will grow in value because it will not be crammed with links, it will now have only useful or relevant links.
  6. These links will help to direct meaningful or targeted traffic to your website, which in the long-run will generate revenue and provide opportunity for many more traffic spikes.
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