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Deep Link

Deep links are the text links that point to the sub-pages of a website, rather than the homepage. Obtaining deep links often require more effort than links to the homepage as they are not allowed by all sites. However once you have secured several deep links you will see that the benefits are well worth it the effort.

Deep links increase the value of the specific sub-page the link points to, which in turn increases the value of the website as a whole. Many web marketeers focus solely on getting links to the homepage which will of course boost the value of this one page, but this improved value does not always filter down through the rest of the website. By targeting other key pages, for example the site map, the value can be distributed throughout the site.

This helps move these pages up the rankings in the natural search rankings (serps) in their own right. It allows the site to be found using more keywords than the four or five you would typically target on any one page such as the homepage. The keywords can be long tail and so easier to rank for.

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