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Dashed Domain Names

Search engines do not read the words in your URL if they are ran together. Many webmasters separate the words in their domain names using dashes. In the past the domain name itself was a significant ranking factor. As search engines have advanced it is not very significant factor anymore. Many shoppers look around. If you want them to come back you want to have a domain name which will stick in their heads. It can (and often should) have keywords in it, but the thing you want more than anything else is a name that sticks.

If the option between having the dash in the domain and not having a dash exist you are probably better off going without the dash as it looks more professional and would most likely be more memorable. It is branding suicide to only have users find your site via search engines. If you are hoping to make sales on the first view in search engines you will need very strong copywriting and usability which is second to none. If you are just using quick buck lead generation type websites then you may want to use a dashed

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