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Creating a Link Network

Creating a link networks are exceptionally effective SEO techniques if done correctly (though if your link renting or site networks are done exclusively to manipulate search results and it is easily detectible you may get penalized).

Linking a bunch of small sites together also shows up easily if you do not have a bunch of different external links pointing into your link network. Many search engines also have the ability to devalue links from the same C block IP range or from the same owner. Make sure if you do this you register your domains through a proxy, use various hosts for different sites, and get a bunch of links pointing into your sites. If you create link networks and do not have original useful content on each site (and reasons for creating many sites) then you are taking a risk that your site may be removed from search results.

Some people also use automated bots to scour the web for links. They still work some, but they really annoy some people and can ruin your branding.

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