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Crawl My Website

Navigation is of utmost importance to the "crawlability" of your site. Search engine spiders need to be able to crawl your site as easily as your visitors find their way around. Sometimes, what will work for your visitors, will not work for search engine spiders. The best advice we can give in this area is to keep your link structure as simple as possible. Simplicity may involve giving up certain ideas that you might have for the design of your site.

Flash, frames, CGI, or any dynamic pages (pages that bring in content on the fly) are some types of programming that may hinder the crawlability of your site. Although, workarounds can be made. However, if you're a beginner, we recommend sticking to simpler programming methods for the navigation of your site. Plain old HTML text and image links are the best method.

Also, keep as much code off your pages as you can. Use relative links to your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and put your JavaScript in a separate js file. (It is not the intent of this guide to teach you these techniques, but you can learn about them through most HTML books or web tutorials.) Linking each page out to your scripts and styles will speed up the loading of each page. It will also allow the spider to get to your real text faster.

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