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Courting the crawl

Courting the crawl explains how to help Google to find your pages and index all of them appropriately, through building the right technical foundations and structure for your new or existing website.

  • How Google finds. Your first important step in courting the crawl is learning how the Google spider, Googlebot, actually works and how to use sitemaps and robots.txt to initiate, control, and manage its crawl through your site.
  • Setting up a new site contains vital information for new webmasters on how and where to host your site and how to select your domain name.
  • Managing an existing site explains how to move your site to a new web host and/or move to a new domain without having an adverse impact on your website.
  • Site structure and navigation concerns how to structure a site to the right depth and width to facilitate an effective crawl. It includes the optimization of your directory structure, file names, and file extensions.
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