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Counter the effects of supplemental index

There are steps you should take to counter the effects of the supplemental index :

  • Ensure that the navigation of your site is even. If the structure of your site is like a tree, with the directories being the branches and the pages the leaves, your tree should look symmetrical, rather than lopsided, if you want the life-giving sap of PageRank to pass evenly down through to each and every page.
  • Try to ensure that at least 10–15% of all the inbound links to your site are “deep links” to important internal content or category pages.
  • Test pages on your site that might be too similar to one another using tools like the Similar Page Checker at similar-page-checker.php. If the page pairs fail the test (or you have a strong suspicion they may already be in the supplemental index), consider rewriting them from scratch and giving them different URLs (without using 301 redirects). This should get you a fresh start.
  • Make sure that the URLs do not contain too many parameters and that the size of each page is less than
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