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Conversion Analysis

If you’re driving your customers to your site simply to have them visit you, you’re wasting your time and efforts. Site traffic alone will not build brand recognition today. There must be other elements of supplying your customers or potential customers with what they need. Of course, what you should be supplying them with will depend on your industry. But even with the differing needs of audiences, there’s still a way to measure or value your site visitors.

Your conversions are your ultimate measure of how well your site optimization and design work. And you should constantly be focusing on the conversions that your site drives. Without conversions, you’re not making any money. That doesn’t mean that conversions all have to be monetarily based, just that they have to fulfill some goal that you have designed for your web site.

There are two types of conversions: revenue conversions and pre-revenue conversions. Revenue conversions are actual sales. A sale is a conversion goal. If you sell anything from your web site, you should have a conversion goal for reaching the end of a sale. That might mean the goal is achieved when a user clicks through to the “Thank You” page or when the order confirmation is displayed. These conversions require the exchange of money for goods or services.

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