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Content Scraping

Another of the major problems that you might encounter in your SEO efforts is having your site content stolen. This is usually accomplished by a scraper site that uses a scraper bot to copy the content on your site. This can be an SEO problem because the scraper bot will look for an XML site map. If it finds that map, that makes it far easier for the bot to gather content.

Even without an XML site map, a bot can scrape content from your site, but itís much harder. So if you worry that your content is in danger, one thing you can do is not use an XML site map at all. In some cases, this is a viable option. In other cases, an XML site map is essential to having some pages within your site indexed.

If not using an XML site map is out of the question, you could place an XML site map on your site, but remove it once the site has been crawled. The best way to know when your web site has been indexed by a crawler is to look at the server logs. Usually youíll see a request for the robots.txt file in the file log. Around that request you should see the name of the crawler that requested the site map. Once the one that you want to have access to your site map has crawled it, you can delete the file. But remember, this only makes it harder for hackers to exploit your site map, not impossible.

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