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Black SEO Attack Avoidance

Search engine marketers must be aware of several things in black hat SEO from a security perspective. Some black hat search engine marketers exploit faulty or lax software to place links from your site to theirs in order to increase their rankings. This can be either through a bulletin board post, a blog comment, or a generally faulty script. Frequently, black hat techniques employ automated software to seek and exploit such weaknesses.

A black hat marketer may also use some sort of signature in a web application to find many sites using a search engine, such as a version number or tagline. Therefore, it is imperative that any web developer understands this, because being exploited may be to your detriment in rankings, not to mention corporate image. It’s clear that nobody wants hundreds of links to spam sites on their forums or comments. Security not with standing, the first step to protect your web site is to keep software that is not under your auspices, that is, third-party software, up-to-date. For example, not too long ago, many blogging applications did not apply the rel=”nofollow” attribute to links in comments — because it had not been adopted yet! This weakness had been exploited extensively in the past by black hat SEOs.

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