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Black Hat SEO

It may sound quite obvious, but system administrators — those who manage the computers that host your web site, for example, must be acutely aware of computer security concerns. When a particular piece of software is indicated to be vulnerable to hackers, they should find out quickly because it is their priority to do so. Then they should patch or mitigate the security risk on the servers for which they are responsible as soon as possible. Consequently, it may also not surprise you that some of the best system administrators used to be hackers, or are at least very aware of what hacking entails.

Why is this relevant? Although it is totally unfair to compare “black hat” search engine marketers to hackers on an ethical plane, the analogy is useful. The “white hat” search engine marketer — that is, a search engine marketer who follows all the rules, must be aware of how a “black hat” operates. Understanding black hat techniques can help a webmaster protect his or her web sites. Nobody, after all, wants to be caught with his pants down advertising “cheap Viagra.”

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