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Black Hat and White Hat techniques

The SEO techniques described about are "white hat" - ethical and legitimate. However, it is worth mentioning that not all SEO providers are entirely reputable. Many still use so-called "black hat" optimisation techniques, a few of which sadly still appear to work (unreliably) with the major search engines although the algorithms for the engines are constantly refined. A black hat technique that works today may see your site banned a month from now.

There are many such techniques including the use of hidden text (white on a white background for example); stuffing keywords into meta tags, "cloaking" (presenting a different version of the site`s pages to the search engine bots versus the version presented to the users); "doorway" pages and sites (with relevant domain names or URLs specifically designed to harvest traffic and redirect it to another site); abuse of the click-through rate on search engine results (a major factor in ranking) by having an unscrupulous team distributed around the globe clicking on the results and spending time on the site, simply to skew the search engines` statistics and boost ranking; the use of 301 redirects to artificially boost page rank and so forth. If you feel tempted by any of these techniques, just remember that the sites that ultimately prosper in the long term are those that put the hard work into doing things the honest way.

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