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Bid Management Software

There are automated software programs which will track your bids and change them multiple times a day so that you achieve optimal efficiency with your ads. These programs can do various things such as: list your site relative to another website, bid gap management (list your site right where the first large bid gap is),bid trapping (bidding 1 cent underneath your competitor) and various other functions.

The best part of bid management software is that good bid management software can allow you to dynamically change the bid price from price per click to other metrics such cost per action or ROI.

If you get big into pay per click search engines and are managing multiple accounts it is worth the money to use a bid management program to help save time and money. Currently three market leaders in this field are BidRank (downloadable software), Keyword Max (hosted software application), and Atlas OnePoint (hosted software application). Overture also recently created their own bid management tool by the name of Overture Search Optimizer.

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