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Best SEO Practices

You need a step-by-step plan to put it all into practice. If you don’t have a good road map, you get lost. You get frustrated, results aren’t happening fast enough, and you start looking for shortcuts. In short, you probably end up doing something like this:

  1. You settle for a “thin” keyword strategy with a handful of phrases, or you run in the opposite direction and target so-called “long tail” or “niche” phrases that can never bring you enough traffic.
  2. You rewrite your content in “keywordspeak” to get more “keyword density” instead of just writing naturally and placing your search terms in the few key places on the page where they’ll actually help
  3. You submit to a few directories, you spend some time trying to trade links, and when that doesn’t get the job done, you try different automated linking schemes, or start buying links, the “link rental” bill never stops growing, and results are hard to find.
  4. If you’re really unlucky, some kind of simple, easy to fix technical problem gets you. You panic, maybe you’ve been penalized. “Experts” on forums confirm the diagnosis, and you start undoing all the good work you’ve done.

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, then you know how painful it can be to do this stuff without a good plan. If none of these things has happened to you, you’re probably in great shape. But a good road map can still make you more effective.

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