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Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral marketing has many other benefits, too. For example, although behavioral targeting results in fewer impressions, it also results in a higher conversion rate, because the ad is more targeted than a contextual ad might be. Additional benefits of behavioral targeting include:

  1. More click-throughs. Click-throughs are those times when potential customers or site visitors click through your PPC (or other) ad and land on your site.
  2. More conversions. As you’ve seen already, behavioral targeting tends to reach fewer people, but it results in more goal conversions. Because your goal conversions should be designed to result in either a sale or the collection of data to help you reach a sale, the conversion rate for ads placed using behavioral targeting is much higher.
  3. Improved return on investment. Return on investment is the metric that seems to drive everything these days. Behavioral targeting helps to improve the ROI of your PPC and other advertising programs, because ads placed using behavioral targeting are more pinpointed to the type of audience that is most likely to make a purchase, provide data, or sign up for a newsletter or other service.
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