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Basic Of Link Popularity

What is link popularity?
Link popularity is the total number of qualified web sites linking to your web site.

Why is it important?
Increasing the number of quality links to your web site is the single most efficient technique you can use to increase traffic to your web site and boost your search engine rankings. The benefits of having a large number of relevant web sites linking to yours are two-fold....

  1. Direct Traffic
    Your web site will start to receive a consistent stream of highly targeted visitors. Unlike search engine rankings and paid advertising (banners, per click, etc.), traffic generated by link campaigns can usually be counted on for years to come, with no recurring cost. If you have a commercial site, an added benefit is that incoming visitors may perceive your site in a better light, since they have found it via a recommendation (link) on another web site.
  2. Search Engine Rankings
    Increasing the link popularity of your web site can dramatically improve your search engine rankings. Most major search engines have tailored their algorithms (internal rules used to decide which sites are given priority) to reward sites which have high link popularity
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Increase Link Popularity
Gaining links from high ranking sites that point to yours will increase your link popularity in the search engines.

How To Increase Link Popularity?
a step to increase link popularity of your website thru Search engines as the gateway of the Internet

Link Popularity And Authority
In a search query's context, there are three major factors determining a Web page's placement on the SERP