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Avoid Using Hidden And Tiny text

If you plan to use hidden or tiny text on your page to draw search engine rankings, you should probably change your plans. The practice of using hidden and tiny text was used a lot in the past. Itís accomplished by including keyword-rich text that is the same color as the background of your site. This text canít be seen by the visitors that come to your site, but it can be read by search engine crawlers.

The problem with using this technique is that search engines have caught on, so they are looking for this trick and if they find it, youíll be penalized or possibly even delisted. The offense is further compounded if you happen to use keyword stuffing in addition to hiding your text within your web site. Keyword stuffing is using a nonsensical stream of keywords, or using keywords out of place on your site. When you combine this method with hiding your text, itís just a matter of time before search engines refuse to include your site in their search rankings.

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