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Avoid Hidden Links

Hidden links are created using the same methods used to create hidden text. The difference between hidden links and hidden text is that, with hidden links, the search crawler can follow the links to other sites or to other pages within the same site.

Because many search engines now pay close attention to the links that lead into and off of a web site, hidden links have become more popular. However, they should not be used under any circumstances, because the ultimate result when your hidden links are discovered is that your site will be penalized by the search engine. And anything that reduces your site ranking or has the potential to affect the ranking in a negative way should be avoided.

Spamming a search engine for any reason is never a good idea. And you can be penalized even for inadvertently spamming, so take the time to learn what techniques could lead a search engine to believe that you’re intentionally spamming it. Then, avoid those techniques no matter what might lead you to believe that spamming a search engine might be a good idea.

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