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Are Your Website Listed In Directory?

First, if your site isn’t in Yahoo! Directory or the Open Directory Project, you have to go to those systems and register your site. What if you search for your site in the search engines and can’t find it? If the site isn’t in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, you have a huge problem. Here are two possible reasons your site isn’t being indexed in the search engines:

  • The search engines haven’t found your site yet. The solution is relatively easy, though you won’t get it done in an hour.
  • The search engines have found your site, but can’t index it. This is a serious problem, though in some cases you can fix it quickly.

For the lowdown on getting your pages indexed in the search engines to ensure that the search engines can find your site see the section Getting Your Site Indexed, later in this chapter. To find out how to make your pages search-engine-friendly to ensure that once found, your site will be indexed well check out the section Examining Your Pages, later in this chapter. But first, lets see how to check to see if your site can be indexed.

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