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Anchor Text Linking

Anchor text is visible hyperlinked text on a web page. Deep linking and both deep linking and anchor text linking are the same. By inter-linking your websites content using keywords or keyword phrases you are raising the relevancy of not only the page you are currently optimizing, but also the page (or pages) you are linking to as well.

The “hyperlinked” (underlined) words in the example above would link to other relevant content on the website, perhaps there are several articles regarding bad credit and refinancing on the website. Ratherthan use generic link words like “Click here”, “To read more” or “For more information on” we would take advantage of the keywords in the paragraph an link the keywords or phrases to content elsewhere on the website. This method will enhance your websites content relevance in the search engine’s indexes (i.e. higher page rank). The anchor text optimization method is also great for external (other websites) linking, as it will raise the relevancy of the content on other websites. If you own and operate several related websites, you can take advantage of anchor text lining and boost your other websites ranking and relevancy

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Anchor Text
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