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Analyzing Your Competitors

Analyzing a competitor's web site may seem like a big job. You should have the mindset that you are going to do this as a learning experience though. This will help you along your way when you may feel like giving up.

Once you have found your closest 5 or 10 competitors it is time to closely study them. You really can learn a lot by looking at and analyzing your competitors' website. The main things that you should be looking for include:

  1. Take a minute to see what products or services that they are offering. Make notes of anything that is different from what you are offering. If you see any gaps in what they have to offer think about whether or not you could possibly fill these gaps.
  2. Think about how their website looks, feels and functions.
  3. Look at the various advertisements they are offering.
  4. Act as a client for a moment and think of where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
  5. Spend some time trying to figure out their strategy.
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