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Analyzing web stats

Most web-site hosting companies now provide some form of web statistics program. But this may be limited to basic measurements like the number of hits, number of unique visitors, search terms used to find your site, IP address accessing your site, and locations of people accessing your site. Even this basic information will help you to learn where your visitors are coming from, but you might want to add to those metrics by expanding your web-stats package.

If youíre looking for a web-stats package thatís more comprehensive, there are a few available online for free. Most notably, Google Analytics will provide most of the measurements youíll need, including keyword tracking for AdWords and for other PPC applications. There are also numerous paid versions of web statistics software, some hosted online and some that are hosted on your own computer. Find the package thatís right for your needs, and youíll have all of the measurements you need to analyze how successful your SEO efforts are in terms of driving targeted, converting traffic to your site.

Here parameters that you may consider

  1. Referring web sites
  2. Referring keywords (paid and organic)
  3. Page views
  4. Unique visitors
  5. Keywords used by search engine
  6. Pages viewed
  7. Location information
  8. Technological capabilities (web browsers, operating systems, and so on)
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