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You may want to consider advertising in order to get links to your site. However, you need to consider a couple of issues first:

  • Advertising is often grossly overpriced. It may be much too expensive to justify just for a link.
  • Advertising links often don’t count as links to your site. Rather, they’re links to the advertising company, which runs a program that forwards the visitor’s browser to your site. Search engines won’t see the link as a link to your site.

In some cases, buying ads on a site to get a link does make sense. For instance, if many of your clients visit a particular Web site, and it’s possible to get a lowcost ad on that site, it may be worthwhile to buy an ad to both brand your company and get a link that will be read by the search engines. And remember, it’s a very relevant link, coming from a site important to your business.

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