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Advanced Google Tips

The most time consuming part of SEO is building a linking campaign. Tools or ideas which help us save time doing this are extremely invaluable.

  • When looking at a competitors backlinks ( add &num=100 at the end of the address bar. By doing this Google will cluster the backlinks by site and make it quicker and easier to look through them. Google only shows a small sample of backlinks though.
  • Boolean search operators and different page elements can make finding backlinks far easier. Instead of only searching for links by looking at competitors backlinks it may be easier to use the AND function and search page titles or URLs and keywords at the same time.
  • You can also classify domain extension or specific site ideas in your backlink search. Inurl:+”.edu” AND (intitle:links OR intitle:partners OR intitle:resources OR intitle:engines) AND (“searchenginewatch” OR “search engine watch”).
  • Sometimes there are more than a 1,000 results. The Google search index will only let you go through the first 1,000 results at the most for any search. If you are getting too many matching results you can specify filepath. An example search like this might me “search engine marketing” intitle:”link partners” (*.htm OR *.html).
  • Filtering out a site. If there is a specific site which keeps clouding up your link search you can filter them out by placing in your search string.
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