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Breast Cancer Solutions

Posted on Monday, 14 January 2013

Simple Reason of Breast Cancer
The problem lies in several areas.
In some women, breast cancer seems to form if their menstrual cycle starts too soon. The average age for a menstrual cycle to start is about age 12. But for those that begin earlier, these are the women who run the risk of getting breast cancer sometime in their lifetime, particularly before they hit 30. 
Another cause is late menopause. If a woman has menopause after 50, it causes the system to have an adverse reaction. The hormones change too late.
Having a diet filled with too much saturated fat can cause breast cancer. A diet that includes monounsaturated fats like canola oil and olive oil does not appear to cause or increase the chance of breast cancer.
Many types of breast cancers are inherited. If the family has a history of breast cancer, it is very likely to be passed on to later generations. So if you had a great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, sister, or cousin, who had breast cancer, you may get it to.
Women who take estrogen replacement therapy also can cause breast cancer. This is true if the therapy has been extended up to 10 years.
If you happen to be a woman who has been blessed without having healthy breasts, you owe it to yourself to get educated about breast cancer, so you can take the steps required to prevent yourself from getting it.When you think about it, you may be one of those who see yourself as having breast cancer and think life is over for you, or you lose interest in sex, relationships, work, or even spending time with friends.If you are, I have news for you. You are not alone.

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