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Crystal Cave - Enter And See Deep In The Depths Of Our Planet Earth Just Another Natural Wonders

Posted on Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Nature knows sometimes how to impress produced with landscapes on the planet over several hundred years. From lake with unusual color, deserts, where there is over 900 years old trees and magnificent caves, offers nature experiences worth remembering. These landscapes will be an everlasting inspiration for artists. The floor has a network of tunnels and holes bitten carved stones from water droplets or by acid over millions of years. If the holes big enough to squeeze an opening on the surface and is intended for human, we have caves. There are so incredible caves of the earth. The scientists now intercession this cave are protected as World Heritage by UNESCO in order to enable future generations to see this beauty admirable. The crystal cave in Mexico is geological wonder of incredible size and beauty. Naica Crystal Cave, Mexico (1) Image by Paul Williams via Flickr Naica Crystal Cave, Mexico (2) Image by Marc Ammerlaan via Flickr Naica Crystal Cave, Mexico (3) Image by via Flickr OggiScienza In Naica mountain in Mexico, volcanic activity has created conditions for the formation of the cave. Scientists have the amazing discovery, the subway is cave, which has the largest crystals in the world. In Cueva de los Cristales known as Crystal Cave You can created over millions of years by volcanic activity to see unique gypsum crystals. The largest crystal found, there are heavy 12 m length, 4 m in diameter and 55 tonnes. These crystals are only found here, thanks to the unique conditions of the Crystal Cave, in terms of water flow and due to the temperature range. In the cave is very hot. Naica Crystal Cave, Mexico (4) Image by via Flickr OggiScienza Naica Crystal Cave, Mexico (5) Image by Géry parents via Flickr Naica Crystal Cave, Mexico (6) Image by Paul Williams via Flickr The air temperatures can reach up to 58 ° C at 90 to 99 percent humidity. In 2000, discovered by miners, the cave is part of an active mine, so warm because of its visitors must wear full protective gear. Without adequate protection, people can only endure approximately ten minutes of exposure. The cave is several hundred meters long and has a semicircular shape. Every time you enter the cave, facilities employee loses about 2 liters of water, in fact, for this reason, the cave is relatively unexplored. Fortunately these giant gypsum crystals have no commercial use, so that they are saved. Naica Crystal Cave, Mexico (7) Image by Paul Williams via Flickr
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