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The Quest For Excellent Korean Seafood

Posted on Monday, 12 May 2014

By Tracie Knight

If you have been asked to purchase some Korean fishes and other seafood, then you better let this article serve as your guide. Otherwise, there is a great possibility that the items that you would be getting are not fresh at all. When that happens, you can either be poisoned or even be killed.

Thus, be able to look into the breathing pattern of your prospect fish. If you see any sign of movement from the Redondo beach Korean seafood, then that can be an good indicator that you would be eating something fresh during lunch or dinner. If the signs are not there, then you would certainly have to consider other options which can just be found around the corner.

On the other hand, if the gills of the fish are definitely moving, then you will just have to make sure that they are bloody red as well. If their color is not really that defined, then your prospect item is not fresh to begin with. You are required to move on to the next store that you can find.

You would also have to pay attention to the eyes of your prospect fish. If they are already red, then that only means that it is either contaminated or has already went pass its fresh state. If they are dull, then it is still actually safe for you to eat them even if they are not of the best quality already.

Once you are done with the eyes, then you would need to look for those shiny scales next. These parts would need to shine like metal in order for you to consider the item as a shortlisted one. If ever the scales have been discolored for whatever reason, then you will just have to talk to the seller of another store.

Moreover, you would have to make use of your sense of smell when it comes to choosing the right fish in the market. If you get to acquire the smell of cucumber, clean water or brine while putting your nose on the seafood item that you like, then that is definitely a good sign for you as a consumer. Buy the fish by all means.

As for the meat of the fish that you are about to buy, it would need to contain some water in it. The water would also have to be completely transparent for you to be sure of the quality of the item. If the water look likes milk, then you can only be certain the aquatic animal that you have would soon get spoiled.

Be able to consider the ambiance of your chosen market as well. Aside from that, it should be a place which is already known for providing quality items. Ensuring all of these things would keep your family away from the instance of food poisoning.

Moreover, pay attention to the smell of the venue. If you are able to take the odor in, then go ahead and get your shopping done. If not, find another market in your area.

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