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RGK Unity Racing Game Kit Source Code

Posted on Monday, 15 May 2017

RGK Unity Racing Game Kit
RGK Unity Racing Game Kit - Create best racing game using unity 3d engine , this one source code is one solution to publish 3d racing game with easy ready template.

RGK have many feature that you must try, what you is just to reskin and give your idea to make game unique,

RGK contains several components and tools to create super cool racing games without spending much time to write a racing game mechanics from scratch. You dont worry about how to handle racing game requirements. No coding knowledge required for building a game with RGK. Almost all components has their inspector that helps to configure easily.
Game Mechanics

In the heart of RGK, theres a component we called Race Manager. As its name, it manages all race properties like race time, laps, game state. As a center of your game it also manages all requirements needed to run your games like waypoints, spawn points etc. Current version of RGK provides six different race types as Sprint, Circuit, Lap Knockout, Time Trial, Speed Trap Highest Speed and Speed Trap Checkpoint Speed. You only need to change single value to provide different race type on a scene.

Also in RGK, an audio component provided as Race Audio. All other audio source as in vehicles has a connection to Race Audio to read values for sound levels. And Race Manager uses Race Audio to give feedback about current race like start, countdown or player kick.

With the version 1.5, RGKs ui written from scratch and it uses Unitys new ui technology uGui. In RGK packages, ui provided as prefabs . And ui scripts and sprites provided as open source to easy customization for your needs.
Additionally RGK provides two different and unique ui components for your games. Race Progress UI allows you display player position on linear ui and SpeedoUI provides feedback about current vehicle status with speed, rpm, nitro and damage indicators.

RGK uses custom camera component to provide better gameplay for your games. Main features are dynamic field of value, shaking and simple start-up animations .

RGK provides extensive controller options for different platforms. You can use game pad and steering wheel on desktop platforms and also use touch based input for mobile platforms. Bundled mobile input controller TouchDrive will help you to create mobile games without spending time on this area. And TouchDrive Pro will provide more advanced features for your mobile games.


RGK Unity Racing Game Kit
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