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15 Inspiring Ideas For Blue Kitchen Decor And Cabinets

Posted on Sunday, 19 April 2015

Do you on of the blue lovers? what about the blue kitchen decor? today we suggest inspiring ideas for blue kitchen color combinations with white, gray, brown and turquoise, designs for blue kitchen cabinets

Blue kitchen decor, why not? Since the blue paint, furniture, simple accessories in the kitchen to create an original and trendy cuisine. Turquoise kitchen decor or shades come in a rich array of shades for something different and stylish. Want to escape between pans and hotplates? Here are 12 blue kitchen decor ideas to take the advantage with this enigmatic color which you love!

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Putting blue kitchen cabinets in the kitchen is a good idea! Offering a multitude of color choices for both wall paintings and the color of furniture, blue kitchen color schemes allow to stylize and make it unique throughout the kitchen. But it is not only about style, the primary color also opens space, making it ideal for a small kitchen. So if you dream of travelling and new horizons, the blue kitchen decor ideas will inspire hits!

Blue kitchen decor cabinets, decorating ideas - combined with white, turquoise

blue kitchen decor, blue walls perfectly with room decor creating a clean space
Blue kitchen decor has the advantage of offering a multitude of decorative possibilities. And for good reason. It combines perfectly with almost any style. In this large kitchen, ocean blue walls set the tone. While enlarging the already spacious room volume, this light blue paint naturally aligns with furniture of a blue and white kitchen decor ideas. A winning bet for this simple but personal decoration.

blue kitchen decor, turquoise blue walls brings joy and freshness to the space
In this turquoise kitchen decor, the colors are waiting for you. Besides the turquoise painted walls set the tone from the outset, the punctuation of some colorful accessories bring smiles to the piece while the light wooden chairs and small serving suggest a trip to the islands. To bring the blue kitchen decorating ideas on the mainland, the Central island deep gray tiles gives a note of modernity essential to the balance of this room full of pep.

Turquoise kitchen decor in a contemporary kitchen! Furniture of a modern kitchen and black lacquered gray concrete tile highlight their design side through part of the wall of the credenza which painted the background. A touch of color that reveals the trendy look of these blue kitchen decorating ideas dominated by sober colors. When turquoise kitchen decor and black combine, chic effect is guaranteed!

blue kitchen decor, light blue color
Like walking on water, blue kitchen decor is very blue. In this vintage atmosphere, this color is welcomed and gives a character to the room. Chairs old school are also painted in the same blue merged with the ground and form a color unit face yellow walls and white painted furniture. An original wind blows on this vintage blue kitchen!

blue kitchen cabinets, A retro kitchen with blue accessories
Suspensions, a table or even blue painted furniture are enough to make a retro kitchen as a living cell in the trendy blue kitchen decorating ideas. In the dining room, the simple white walls are identified by blue shades. Blue suspensions also complete the blue kitchen decorating ideas and lightness.

blue kitchen cabinets, Woody kitchen
Blue kitchen color schemes reveal the friendly nature that anyone wishes to find in this part of the house where family and friends gather. Stools and wooden bar combine with the original color of the room in a retro industrial style. A large painted blue glass also adds to the blue kitchen decor of this stylish kitchen.

turquoise kitchen decor, woody and white furniture
The electric blue color is also a good idea for the kitchen! These walls combine beautifully with white wall cabinet design and very light wood furniture that refer to be more classic style. This well-flash blue kitchen decor awakens the overall ambiance of the wisest piece with these shades of gray, white and wood may activate the Scandinavian style.

turquoise kitchen decor, white monochrome kitchen
A clean and modern look for this cuisine with electric blue furniture. Contrast that changes from black and white classic without removing the chic effect. On the contrary, the furniture of an explosive blue added bar of sophistication to the room. Yet cold color, electric blue monochrome awakens and warms the kitchen.

blue kitchen decorating ideas, blue gray wall adds depth to the room
This gray cuisine with blue particularly suitable for small spaces with a simple effective decoration. Its blue gray painted wall and work plan of the same color give an original style while bringing a unique style to the room. Large black tile floors and blue kitchen cabinets with a soft gray erases the effect of narrow little corner kitchen. Blue kitchen decorating ideas with simple design still a clever idea to give an airy feel to the room.

blue kitchen decorating ideas, blue sky color scheme
blue kitchen color schemes, colorful kitchen
This sweet and fresh color fits perfectly in a dining room with white walls for a very refined style. For a little more character and gaiety, blue kitchen is also conducive to the harmony of color. As in that room where the lime green of the cooking zone falls soft lavender and mat of the central island. Fun and bright colors for a kitchen that is like no other!

blue and white kitchen decor ideas, Blue, white and ash form an entity in the open kitchen
Both open and closed Kitchens, this kitchen plays on the contrast between white, blue mat and ash furniture. This fashionable colors combine to form a unit in the room decor. The navy of some furniture accentuates the white room and brings out the wood storage for a stronger and contemporary style.

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