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Breaking Bad S05E04 - 5x04

Posted on Sunday, 12 August 2012

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Episode Summary: Skyler considers packing up the kids and leaving. Walt and Jesse's ongoing plan may be foiled by a new team member. The episode opened with Lydia getting a visit at Madrigal from the DEA including Hank and Gomez. She takes them to a man who works for Madrigal that gets arrested. Lydia reveals that he was the delivery-person for all of their chemicals and that Mike's operation can't happen anymore but Mike sends Jesse to get a barrel that Lydia left out of inventory. When Jesse lifts it down off of the shelf with a forklift Lydia points out a device on the bottom of the barrel that is a tracking device so they put it back. Mike insists that Lydia must've put it there since if it was planted by the cops it would've been much less sloppily done than that. Mike says that Lydia needs to be taken care of and his letting her live was a lapse of judgment on his part. 

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