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Pallet Metal Frame Coffee Table

Posted on Saturday, 30 August 2014

There lies a great variety of pallet furniture plans which has been proven much in sturdiness and has a very long life. We happened to find the timber wood pallets which is popular and is counted in some of peak value endured wooden natures. This supply of pallet wood charged us nothing to go with this DIY pallet coffee table project at home.
Timber wood after getting a reconditioned through sanding and washing has been cleverly topped on a steel frame. Steel frame for table has also been reassembled from the metal scrape of home. This type of DIY pallet table is matchless and unique and the low-budget price tag on it is just unbeatable. Enjoy this creative pallet tip to get a modernized behavior of pallet with ultra-modern design. We have made it more handsome and knockout to be visually pleasing to all by giving it a glass top finish.
recycled pallet metal frame coffee table
upcycled pallet metal frame coffee table

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