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Modern 3D Wallpaper Designs And 3D Floor Designs

Posted on Friday, 19 February 2016

These days digital wallpaper is becoming more popular, especially due to people choice that is not limited to a certain range of models today. Now you can order your own modern wallpaper designs! 

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Fancy 3D modern wallpaper designs 

3D wallpaper designs: Deforming, wallpaper for the walls of Surrealien
modern wallpaper designs: white chair, soft carpet with Waterscape Wallpaper

modern wallpaper designs: Cool white chair with white lamp and digital wallpaper
Decorative wallpaper designs: In 2006, the Paris design studio 5.5 designers has released a line of modern wallpaper designs, which was intended to serve as a decorative ornament of space.
These modern wallpaper designs are a series of large-format templates for simple games which are known to all generations: word search, puzzle maze and tic-tac-toe. With the decorative wallpaper designs, your walls will constantly change over time and remind you of the hours of fun with your loved ones.
Decorative wallpaper designs: the 5.5 designers maze puzzle game
Decorative wallpaper designs: the 5.5 designers tic-tac-toe game

Decorative wallpaper designs: the 5.5 designers word search game
3D wallpaper designs: The German company "Surrealien" has developed 3D wallpaper designs, which create the effect of deformation for the walls around windows, doors and various wall decor (clocks, paintings, lamps, etc.). 
3D wallpaper designs: Deforming, wallpaper for the walls of Surrealien
The Colombian designer Jaime Salm has developed a number of original paper panels that are lightweight and can adhere to surfaces in a variety of ways.
Very beautiful and deep texture of the walls, which may be more amazing?
3D wallpaper designs: 3D Wallpaper by Jaime Salm

Decorative 3D wallpaper designs and ideas

This model consists of multiple wallpaper pictures, which at first glance they appear to be more than usual. But on closer examination, they become apparent nightmarish scene of modern city with cops, drug addicts, prostitutes and the homeless.
These wall coverings are designed to keep us reminding others about the evils of modern society, which for sure, many people are not eager to install them in their home.

modern wallpaper designs: Shocking wallpaper from Timorous Beasties

Pocket wall Wallpaper by Polish Maja designer is a bit like the appearance of the wrapping paper which Make room turns into a kind of repository for different things. You can even imagine that it's not a room at all or practical handbag with lots of handy pockets.
modern wallpaper designs: white wallpaper Pocket Wall by Maja
Dutch designer Christiaan Postma has developed the original wallpaper as a huge calendar on the wall. This design combines the natural properties of the wallpaper with the functionality diary, so that the wall in the room can be a true reflection of your lifestyle.
With such a large wall calendar, you can literally see the whole year and 365 days to evaluate a completely different point of view.
modern wallpaper designs: Wallpaper Calendar by Christiaan Postma
Jonas Samson has successfully used OLED technology to create a prototype fascinating wallpaper for walls illuminated. they are a wonderful combination of traditional plant motifs and organic technologies of the future. The unique light-emitting wallpaper which is fully meet the requirements of eco-conscious consumers.
modern wallpaper designs: Wallpaper for walls illuminated by Jonas Samson

modern wallpaper designs: Wallpaper for walls illuminated by Jonas Samson

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