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Kamaz 5460

Posted on Thursday, 3 August 2017

Requirement: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Cabin Accessories Euro Truck Simulator 2 National Flags Window Description: Adapted version: 1.27.x Added accessories to the cabin. KAMAZ bought in: a/C Daf. More wheels. More sounds. Chassis: 64,42. Painted in metallic. Added support flags. Credits: _69_mf_, Koral, Vinzel DOWNLOAD 258 MB [Sharemods] DOWNLOAD 258 MB [Yadi]
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Kamaz 43118 v 1,0 Beta
Authors in GTS: Mr.Green, Mr.Nick, volk113rus, Lexan, etc. Author envelope in ETS2: by maz_man Authors Salon: by maz_man , Maks (xD) Animation Author: Maks (xD) Tested on: v 1.3.1 – 1.4.8
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