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17 Photos Of The Great Fireworks On New Year's Eve 2014

Posted on Monday, 2 May 2016

Less than one week, apart from the new year. Less than a week until we celebrate the departure of the old year and the coming of the new. Less than a week will be a New Year's Eve 2015. The night of December 31 are as of January 1 is the night, when people are celebrating. Each country has its own way to celebrate, but we must agree that everyone loves the big fireworks. During the New Year's Eve people dance, drink, enjoy the time and at 00:00 clock Jan. 1, that everyone a Happy New Year to the beloved ones.expirienc In this 2014 was rough like any other before want. We have learned something new, made a few mistakes, fell in love, experienced the sadness, enjoyed the beautiful moments and tended to everything is sad and bad forget. In the New Year 2015, the team of will wish you well. Let God you only joy and happiness, health and prosperity. Love yourself, love the people around you. Be friendly with nature and its inhabitants. Not only the things that makes you happy and try to enjoy every beautiful moment of your life. Where you want to be on New Year's Eve 2015? Have you already decided? Are you to be with your friends and party, or you will be a part of the open celebrations around the cities? We all wait for the fireworks at midnight so here are some pictures, such as the fireworks were on New Year's Eve 2014. Take a look and enjoy it.

Dubai, UAE

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1 Year Image by Gabriela purri R. Gomes via Flickr  Dubai, UAE 2 Image by Gabriela purri R. Gomes via Flickr  Dubai, UAE 3 Image by Gabriela purri R. Gomes via Flickr  Dubai, UAE 4 Image by Gabriela purri R. Gomes via Flickr

Achalm, Reutlingen, Germany

Achalm, Reutlingen, Germany Image by Tim RT via Flickr

Perth, Australia

 Perth Image by Daniel Lee via Flickr

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia Image by Jean -Jacques Halans via Flickr

Melbourne, Australia

 Melbourne, Australia Image by Chris Phutully via Flickr

London, UK

 London, UK Image by Chris Chabot via Flickr


 Singapore Image by Randy Tan [] via Flickr

Epicot, Bay Lake, Florida

Epicot, Bay Lake, Florida Image by Jeff Krause via Flickr

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, California 1 Image by David Yu via Flickr San Francisco, CA 2 Image by Peter Thöny - quality HDR Photography via Flickr

Ferrara, Italy

Ferrara, Italy Image by Mattia Notari - Photo via Flickr

Taipei, Taiwan

 Taipei, Taiwan 1 Image by via Flickr  Taipei, Taiwan 2 Image by Chien Kuo Liang via Flickr Taipei, Taiwan 3 Image by Neil Chen via Flickr
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