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The Most Famous And Most Visited Place In The Eorld - Louvre Museum

Posted on Sunday, 1 May 2016

Nothing can a wonderful place to compare to the experience of visiting, and checked its every detail. Getting Started with new buildings familiar is always exciting. Your urban environment, their equipment and their purity is recognizable at first glance. What you can not see, but probably you can feel it, their spiritual wealth. The creativity works of men are held with the attention everywhere, in all countries. Museums have this honor and duty. These are the objects that are exposed to, and maintained from the past, present and future creation. Greater participation of people from China, along with the Americans and Brazilians are many foreign tourists. Just behind them follow the Italians and Germans. The 50 percent of the visitors are younger than 30 years. Today the Louvre is one of the largest and definitely the most visited museums in the world  the Louvre Museum, Paris (1) Image by Stefano Ravalli via Flickr  the Louvre Museum, Paris (2) Image by via Flickr Traven99 Most people immediately think of the word museum of the Louvre. It is probably the most famous museum in the world with 8.8 million visitors still in the past year. This place is inevitable on every trip to Paris, but there are many other museums and tourist places. Located on the right bank of the Seine in the 1st arrondissement is housed in the large Louvre Palace. On August 10th, 1793 Louvre Museum opens with an exhibition of 557 paintings. Louvre now houses more than 380,000 works, but the Master Mona Lisa when certainly to his fame and became a symbol of the museum.  the Louvre Museum, Paris (3) Image by via Flickr Traven99 Louvre Museum, Paris (4) Image by James Diewald via Flickr The amazing structure is expanded and repeatedly built. In the second half of the 16th century, the Louvre was a mixture of new buildings in the process and remains that are over 200 years old. After the war, the Louvre was the capital of the world, art and culture, to extend the to renovate and new records continue. In the courtyard of the palace in the 80s of last century, aluminum and glass pyramid built of only 673 glass plates and it is 21.64 meters high. Today, the pyramid is one of the entrances to the museum. On the site of an incredible 60,600 square meters, the rich collection of work is divided into eight sections :. Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek and Roman antiquities, Islamic art, paintings, sculptures, objects of applied art, graphics and drawings  the Louvre Museum, Paris (5) Image by Clément Chêne via Flickr  the Louvre Museum, Paris (6) Image by Laura Suarez via Flickr
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