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Advertisers can take advantage of the following solutions and campaigns to reach out to our audiences and businesses.

Top Banner

  • 468x60. GIF, JPEG,or PNG. 20k (maximum) file size.
  • Only USD$100 USD$50/month* (rotating). Rotation depends on how many advertiser, but not more than 5 advertiser are allow.
  • Preview on the right side(red).

Right Banner

  • 125x125. GIF, JPEG, or PNG. 10k (maximum) file size.
  • Only USD$40 USD$20/month* (Rotating). Rotation will works if there is more than 5 advertiser.
  • Preview on the right side (green).
* Discount 50% first 3 month, valid until 31 August 2020

All type of banner, will be place in all page, and you will get link back to your website. Contact us if your need further assistance or special offers or other advertise's types.
How to advertise with

If you interested to advertise with, you can easily fill up below information :

Name* :
Email* :
Website* :
Must Include http:// e.g
Keyword :
Keyword to link back to your website (image alt tag)
Banner Type* : Top Right Banner
Banner Period* : Month(s)
Banner File* :
Filetype : gif, jpg, jpeg, png Max size : 20 kb

Solution Graphics
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Fact About

  1. About 3 million hits and 2 million page views served each month.
  2. More than 300,000 unique users a month find essential. It means about 10,000 unique users will see your ads per days!
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Google AdWords

In order to offer our potential clients a flexible and reliable system, we also use Google AdSense and Google AdWords for managing the advertising on AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product and main source of revenue. AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads. With Google AdWords you will reduce costs and is very manageable in terms of investment.

Tips to add your ads on using Google AdWords: You can get your ad on * by setting up a channel campaign.

However, for information on advertising opportunities, please contact us or send an e-mail to sales[at]