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Vasile Stoica

Vasile Stoica
Vasile Stoica helps you to boost your business to the next level via professional marketing strategies.
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Email Security Tips that Will Keep Business, and Their Contacts, Safe
Few people think about whether or not their email is secure. They simply send one email after another, sometimes filled with personal information and never dream the information could be hacked by som
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6 Sources That Provide Valuable Assistance with Influence Marketing
One of the terms that gets bandied about during conversations about how to increase sales and brand recognition is influence marketing. The trick to successful influence marketing is working closely w
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Making the most of your FB page for your brand and business
With 97% of the top 100 brands having a Facebook page for their business, merely having one has long stopped being a must. The everlasting question is how to effectively build and retain the customers
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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy
Omni-Channel marketing strategy is a form of marketing that allows professionals to make it possible for their customers to take advantage of numerous shopping choices. Common choices include; Mobile
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How to Get a Job in Online Marketing?
The web industry proffers excellent career opportunities for folks looking to make a mark in the digital marketing. Online agencies provide related jobs that are in great demand now for those who can
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Benefiting from Employee Advocacy
Business owners can't afford to ignore any avenue of marketing if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Taking advantage of employee advocacy is one method to maximize the businesses reach witho
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Understanding the Benefits of Gamification in Business
If business owners become confused when they read an article or attend a lecture in which the term gamification in business is used, they shouldn't feel bad. Many well educate business people have the
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4 Successful Growth Hacking Techniques
Business owners who are able to "hack" together a process that leads to steady company growth have mastered something that's currently referred to as growth hacking. In the past, most businesses belie
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A Well Established Buyer Persona Minimizes Advertising While Increasing Revenue
Businesses that have developed a buyer persona have created a fictitious version of what they consider the perfect customer. They use this character to help understand the main traits members of the b
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Think Carefully Before Engaging in Advocacy Marketing
Advocacy marketing is a very direct and pointed form of marketing that businesses use to hep promote their feelings on a particular matter. More often than not, this form of marketing involves a polit
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