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Vasile Stoica

Vasile Stoica
Vasile Stoica helps you to boost your business to the next level via professional marketing strategies.
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Artifical Intelligence-Friend or Foe to the American Workforce
In the past few years, the field of artificial intelligence has improved by leaps and bounds. Todays technology and understanding of robotics has made it conceivable that machines with abilities simil
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How to Build Your Personal Brand
Whats the one thing thats in common among people of interest? A brand image of themselves! They have qualities that are solely unique to their own persona. Individuality A good example of this would
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Tech Trends at #WeAreDevs Conference 2017
A Story to Tell #WeAreDevs Conference VIENNA May 11 12 This year I had the opportunity to participate at #WeAreDevs Conference as a winner of MindMeisters free ticket contest. I was very interested t
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Instagram Attracts Long-Term Customers and Leads to Marketing Succes
With over 300 million users logging into their account every month, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites. It has more active accounts than Twitter, which was previously conside
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4 Distinct Ways Jetpack Takes an Already Good WordPress Site and Makes it Amazing!
One of the most powerful WordPress compatible plugins business owners can add to their blog is Jetpack. Its the ideal tool for taking a self-hosted WordPress site and connecting it to the main WordPre
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MeisterTask: Collaborating Has Never Been Simpler
Since its creation, more than 7.0 million people worldwide have turned to the MindMeister app for help with collaboration projects. Based on the apps success and data collected by people who use it, t
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Let Account Based Marketing Generate Sales and Boost Customer Loyalty
Many enterprise level sale businesses have turned to account based marketing because they prefer its strategy based approach to marketing thats designed to allow the company to connect with prospectiv
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Why lead quality is important for business
What is lead quality? Lead quality is when a person who can potentially become a customer and generate business. Lead quality is the company at the beginning of a campaign so they can view the progres
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Voice Search vs. Text Search How to Help Your SEO Go Mobile
Since even the family dog has a cell phone these days, its no surprise to find out that internet searches on smartphones outnumber those done on desktops and tablets combined. The implications of this
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How Digital Assistants Like Siri and Cortana are Changing Search
For years, people have dreamed of a high-tech virtual assistant that helps them organize their lives. Until recently, this dream has been some far-fetched, sci-fi fantasy that many consumers simply th
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