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Stay Organized by Doing These Simple Things in Advance
Everyone is looking to get organized and find ways to stay one step ahead of things during the year. It can be especially true of birthdays and holidays, as it prevents a last-minute rush to get prese
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The Search for Bridesmaid Dresses
Time flies by fast. The last time I attended a wedding was when my mom included me as her plus one for her friends wedding. The last time before that was way back ago when I was still a childa flower
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Top Budget-Friendly Spring 2018 Beauty Trends
The makeup and beauty industry is worth $445 billion, making it a huge industry with quite a bit of pull and force. For the everyday woman who is just trying to keep up with the latest trends, it can
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Which Roles Are Usually Involved in Performing Cosmetic Surgery?
If you have ever been curious about cosmetic surgery and what happens during different procedures, then the best thing to do is have a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the kind
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Little Things That Make You Look Hotter Than Ever
Looking beautiful is more than just about wearing the right clothes and getting your makeup right. It is about how you carry yourself, the level of self-confidence you have, and many other factors. We
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Want to Keep Up with The Latest Fashion Trends? Do It Yourself
Every season new style trends come out that you might be eager to try out for yourself, if it wasnt for them costing so much. And as soon as something new becomes stylish, itll only be a few months be
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Crave Healthy and Athena: Healthy Cravings for Women
When it comes to drinks, one thing I know. I cant live without milk! I just love drinking milk at night, and I rarely, mostly never, drink chocolate or tea without milk on it. I believe on the healthy
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How to Improve Your Career This Year in Style
Your look is everything, and it matters more than you think. Refining your own personal style, and curating how you come across both online and in person can help you personally, and it can help your
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5 Reasons You Need to See a Chiropractor
Chiropractic treatment promises the hope of getting better and living a life without pain, but the best part is that it promises all that without involving drugs or surgery. If that alone is not enoug
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The Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs
For years we have heard that successful entrepreneurs are mostly Type A personalities, but recent research has shown that many highly respected and ultra-successful entrepreneurs lean more towards bei
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