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Your daily dose of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and product reviews.
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Exciting Stuff from Karton World
Are you craving excitement? If you cant shake off the feeling of wanting to experience something new, then you can start by staying at home and browsing the world of Karton. Karton is an online bazaar
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How to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home
Is It Time to Move In? Dont Miss These Four Quick Steps for How to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home Have you recently moved into a new house and its just not feeling homey enough? With any new pro
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5 Great Uses for Carports
Carports are an affordable structure that provides shelter for specified outdoor areas and can be used for much more than a car. Below are five of the best ideas to get real value out of your carport.
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The Prom Nostalgia
The other day, I was scrolling down my Facebook feed when I saw an article about Liza Soberano. It contains a throwback picture of the young actress in highschool during her prom night. She was with a
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A Watch Made of Wood: Tempus Elenor Wood Watch Review
Different products are being introduced to the market today. Especially in the fast-paced fashion industry, many items are being sold, used and thrown away after a couple of use. Thats why one of the
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Finding a New Place and How We Dealt With It
When people change places, they are faced with the dilemma of decorating it. We all have our preference in what style to choose, in the theme to use and the furniture that works for us. Our family fac
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BeautyMNL Haul
October has been the craziest month of this semester. The deadlines, the requirements, the sleepless nights. My whole barkada and I even went to a number of overnights just to finish our projects. I e
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Living Room Decoration
The living room is probably the most popular space in a house. This is where you let your visitors stay, spend time together with your family, and play with your friends. For one, I spend a lot of tim
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Getting Your Wardrobe Ready for Summer
This summer, a few new pieces can update your wardrobe for the entire season. You dont need to spend a fortune replacing all of your old clothes, of course, and most of your staple items will still lo
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Buy a Gift: 3 Simple Unique Ideas for Your Special Someone
Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. These are just some of the most important events in someones life that could only happen once a year, else, once in a lifetime. Having to celebrate these occasio
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