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Facebook Discovery and Some Unknown Common Facts about Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg an American the founder of Facebook developed it on February 4,2004. Mark Zuckerberg called it as "Facemash" when he first started working on it in the year 2003 and later he renamed i

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Male Reproductive System - Genital Organs and Functions
The Reproductive system in male, which includes the number of primary and accessory sex organs for the production of sperm is called as the Male Reproductive System. The sperm helps in the process of

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Blood in Urine (Hematuria) Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
If a person's urine appears with blood, then it is known as Hematuria. This makes the urine to appear slightly to dark reddish in color.
 Hematuria is mainly  differentiated into two major  types,
  •  Gro

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How to Find Spy or Hidden Cameras to Protect Our Privacy
Nowadays some people use Hidden Cameras in an unethical way of spying and to steal the privacy of others. It will destroy the secrets of a person and most of the time it stands against women and femin

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How to Scan and Protect Android Phone From Viruses
In this smartphone world, I hope most of them aware and know about how to protect your phone from viruses. But i am writing this post for the people who are struggling to protect their Android phone f

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Why Mobile Phones are Hanging or Freezing and How to Solve it
Mobile Phones are unavoidable invention which helps to communicate everyone easily. Nowadays, Mobile phones are the important need for our daily life to get done works faster. Millions of people using

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Height Adjustable Desks to Make Smooth Environment
Nowadays Height Adjustable Desks are available in many Offices and Work Places. It gives many health benefits than working by sitting in a chair. We can adjust the height of desk according to our conv

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How to Check Whatsapp Messages Without Being Seen
How you can read Whatsapp Messages without blue ticks or being seen? The Whatsapp is the mobile application which has more than 1 Billion users throughout the world. Now Whatsapp became as the right c

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Choose Best Catchy, Creative Blog Names For Innovative Writers
Choosing a blog name is the first thing every blogger should do carefully because it is an important thing that reflects on your blog growth in future. You might be a good writer or hard worker, this

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Google Sphere I'm Feeling Lucky Interesting Trick
Google Sphere is another interesting trick developed by Mr. Doob. Before knowing about Google Sphere we have written some common things about Google. Everyone knows that Google became, as our search w

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