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GameMods15 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

GameMods15 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods
The bigges archive with mods for euro truck simulator 2. Contains maps, skins, trucks, trailers and other mods and pathces for ets2.
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SOWI trailer. *UPGRADED* 1.25 ready
Here is another trailer mod for the GTA crew and youtubers Chriswhippit and SoftisFFS! Full credits to me mackanecs that made this mod. Its comes with an Schmitz trailer. Follow my twitter: (request t
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Tropical ETS2 v 3.4
This mod changes ETS2 into a tropical environment. For use with warm climate maps like EAA, PJ Indo, Sumatra etc. Can also be used with the standard map or other European map like Promods for a change
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SoftWhipp schmitz trailer 1.25
Here is a mod from the youtubers ChrisWhippit and SoftisFFS they have an crew on gta v called sowi (softwhipp) Here is a link to their channels: SoftisFFS:
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Fixed Weather 2.5 Final Version Fixed
Description: Fixed Weather 2.5: * Corrected sun lighting * Weather mid summer * Corrected fog effect * Darker night * Corrected colors skyboxes at morning and tonight Work, perhaps, with ProMods 2.11,
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Heavy Haulage Skins for Big Stars Actros/Arocs
To use these skins you need to download to Big Stars Actros/Arocs SLT Compatible only for the MERCEDEZ AROCS SLT This is a package of skins, especially for heavy transport needs. All these eskines wer
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Iveco Strator v 2.1 V1.25
Version 2.1: * Fixed mistake or bug * Console now is clear * Fixed the chassis shadow * Fixed the some tuning parts * Remove the empty sideskirt slot * Remove the empty exhaust slot * Added uk exclusi
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MOD Advanced Improvements v2.8
MOD Advanced Improvements v2.8 It is a great pleasure to present to you the latest update of our dear MOD Advanced Improvements, developed especially for you, full of news to lovers of simulators, wou
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MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.8
Features v1.8: -Steerig wheel adjustment (v1.25) -New warning sound -New wipers -New steering wheel -New seats and floor -New doorhandles -Better plastic parts -Added automatic gearbox and parking bra
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Schmitz S.KO Cargobull Cool & Fresh V6
ETS2 1.25.x.x + DLC Scandinavia 24.09.2016 Schmitz S.KO Cargobull Trailer Multimat Trailer mit 14 Skins Trailer in Traffic base by unknow Rebuilt by Roadhunter S.Ko_Skin by Königszapfen other Skin by
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S.R.Baykal R4 Map V1.25
All the good of the day is a mod for ets2 Baikal r4. podolzhenie Baikal r3. Download 1 file Baikal r4 card also sewn in KAMAZ from the creator of Coral is available in the Volvo showroom. Download not
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