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Fear And You

Fear And You
we publish mostly about different haunted places in India - With detail. We also publish scary stories,paranormal facts and true ghost confessions.
Listed under Spirituality by Arnav_choudhary
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Haunted Places in Assam that are Super Creepy
Assam is a place famous for natural beauty and cleanliness. It hosts many a tourist places and is known for the variety of natural attractions it hold. But beyond the sky high mountains and waterfalls

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A Dark Halloween Night Horrible Tale
It was a dark Night. Darkness allured all the negative creatures lurking around. It could afraid the bravest but not him, the lonely man who was on his way back to home after working a long 8 hours ca

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True Ghost Experience- Story of a Possessed Woman
My grandfather once had a very strange experience. This happened in the 1960s in rural India. 
My grandparents lived in a small village in a house made of mud and bricks. Across their front door was an

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Gaurav Tiwari's Death under mysterious Circumstances- Possession or Science?
Recently, we have got the shocking news of Gaurav Tiwari's death. Mr. Tiwari was a prominent paranormal researcher and also, the founder of Indian paranormal society. His death has put forward a never

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What I Felt Like Living In a Haunted House
I have had several experiences living in a place with some sort of entity or ghostly "Presence". The first was the first place my friends and I rented together, our first place to live away from home.

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My Creepy Experience Of Living In The Haunted House
We have lived in eight homes in our married life.  I suspect that one had a ghost, and I am convinced that another one did.  Prior to my personal experiences, I won't say that I didn't believe in ghos

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Top 10 Lord Shiva Statues that Would Make You Realize About His Supremacy
Lord Shiva Statues
In Hindu methodology, there are imagined three supreme powers. The theory of constructive power proceeds well with the rearing concept and ends with destruction. Likewise, the ancient sculpture have m

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When Graveyard prank Took Away a Friend's Life
This story is related to the old times when I along with my two friends, Jai and Rajeev, mildly inebriated planned to do something exigent in the dark night winter hours.Rajiv decided that he will ven

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Notorious Ghost of a Child in the Haunted House
This scary story belongs to a boy who lived near a haunted house in his locality. Unaware of this fact, he did not believed on the supernatural occurrences that much. One day, while playing the game,

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An Otherworldly Experience at the Haunted House in Punjab
There are some moments when we hear horror stories and get paralyzed. Not because of the fear but also the excitement that one attains while reading a true horror story. Today, we are post

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