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ISPs, Marketers Rejoice as Senate Votes to Repeal Broadband Privacy Rules
The U.S. Senate voted this week in favor of repealing regulations that would require internet providers to obtain consumer consent before using geolocation, financial and health information, and web b
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Chinese Investors Sharpen Focus on Data Centers, Submarine Cables
The basic physical building blocks of the Internet, data centers and submarine cables, are getting more and more attention from Chinese investors, who are seeking new opportunities as the traditional
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Google Expands Cloud Partner Program
Google offered what was perhaps the most full-throated endorsement to date of its partner program on Tuesday, announcing additional investments, new technical specializations and a firm commitment to
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Politics-Entangled Wind Farm for Amazon Data Centers Comes Online
The renewable energy developer that built a 104-turbine wind farm in North Carolina to power Amazon data centers in Virginia has launched the plant, despite multiple attempts to halt the project by Re
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Encryption, Authentication, and Yeah, Alligators: Here's How Google Secures Its Cloud
From custom Google-designed security chips on every server to a never-off-the-clock investigation and incident response team, data center security measures are built into every single layer of the sys
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Self-Proclaimed Inventor of Email Files $15 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Techdirt
Techdirt founder Mike Masnick has been named in a $15 million libel lawsuit in Massachusetts by a representative of Shiva Ayyadurai over claims that Ayyadurai did not, in fact, invent email, according
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Report: Cloud Infrastructure Equipment Revenue to Reach $70B in 2016
Growth in private cloud infrastructure is slowing down as enterprises shift more attention and workloads to the public cloud, but that means that there is a continued boom in shipments of infrastructu
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SMBs Look to Security-as-a-Service, Not Staff, To Prevent Future Threats: Kaspersky
Over half of small and medium-sized businesses believe that their IT security will be compromised, yet only 10 percent plan to significantly increase their budget for IT staff, according to new resear
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Google Gives Facebook's Open Rack a 48V Makeover
Last week, Google unveiled the first design document that resulted from those efforts, which it plans to submit for review to the Open Compute Project, the open source data center and hardware design
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Why Salesforce Bought Coolan, a Data Center Optimization Startup
Salesforce made a surprising move Thursday, acquiring Coolan, a three-year-old Silicon Valley startup whose software uses Big Data analytics and machine learning to help companies make smarter data ce
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