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Origena Sees the worlds

Origena Sees the worlds
Origena talks like a cookie fortune. No favoritism, she's randomly writing about life, gadget, film, music, food, design or anything, pretending to be the wise girl who feels in charge to review something
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How Low Can You be Louboutinised?
photo by justbemagazine. com photo: justbemagazine. com I have a good friend who is a fashion-aware person that makes her can easily pass as a fashionista. I've known that she has a good appetite for fashion, and the way s
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The Smell of Christmas
What is the smell of Christmas to you? I smell rain, cause we always likely to have shower from the skies :) I smell cookies, cause we always prepare some jars full of cookies to keep our guests m
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Anything Goes
Kinda starting to enjoy my card making experience :) and yesterday I found a challenge with no specific requirement........anything goes! So I think it's perfect for me since I'm not yet used with s
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This is What Happens When You Have Live TV
Sarah Murdoch needs other better excuse for her mistake at hosting The Australia's Next Top Model rather than picking live television show as a scapegoat.Watching it again on youtube, I think Sarah s
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You're Selling a Wrong Doctrine
My today during morning to the afternoon was tinted by greyish colour.  Stories resulted from my own experience and from news that I overheard on the radio and later when I watched one of our national
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