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One Dollar Hosting
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Elon Musk wants to connect brains to computers with new company
Tesla and SpaceX founder launching Neuralink to explore technology of implanting tiny electrodes into the brain Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is launching a new company called Neuralink with the
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Instagram introduces two-factor authentication
Security feature enabled for all users to help protect accounts from being compromised by password reuse and phishing Instagram has become the latest social network to enable two-factor authentication
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Workflow acquired by Apple: one of the best apps for power users is now free
The app for automating common actions on iOS and iPad will remain on the app store, but its $2.99 pricetag has been slashed to nothing Apple has acquired Workflow, a popular iOS app for automating com
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Empty cars with no steering wheel could soon be driving in California
Proposed rules would give powerful boost to self-driving industry by permitting cars without a backup driver, steering wheel or foot controls on the road Cars with no steering wheel, no pedals and nob
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Murder defendant volunteers Echo recordings Amazon fought to protect
Arkansas resident James Bates willing to allow police to review information that Seattle-based tech company twice declined to provide Amazon has stopped fighting a legal battle to keep Echo recordings
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Uber loses court case to block English-language written test in London
Ride-hailing app firm argued that standard required of Transport for London test to obtain licence was too high The ride-hailing app firm Uber has lost a high court case in a ruling that means all min
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Nintendo admits it has made Switch cartridges taste unbearably bitter
Same agent as used in anti-nail biting treatment coats Nintendo Switch game cartridges to help prevent children swallowing them The Nintendo Switch is a mixed-use, family friendly console and its game
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Uber v TfL: court hears written English test will cost 33,000 drivers their jobs
Ride-hailing app challenges Transport for London in high court over demand that all minicab drivers pass a written English test to get a licence A plan to force London minicab drivers to pass written
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Google and Bing to deprecate piracy websites
Illegally streamed live football matches and pirated films and music will be hidden under new plan to crackdown on pirating Internet users will find it harder to search for pirated films and music and
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Carry a tune: seven of the best portable Bluetooth speakers
Armed with a solid playlist, we test the quality of a selection of speakers with claims to superior sound fidelity Every reputable audio brand now offers portable Bluetooth speakers, alongside swaths
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