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Ondeweb is for Web designers and developers, with a focus on useful techniques, best practices, valuable resources reviews, troubleshooting.
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Free Downloads of the Month: April
This month in our freebie download set worth USD135, we have Diamond 3D Model Set diamond 3d model Photo Leading Young Marathon Runner diamond 3d model
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Demographics, Social Network & its Population
There are 37% of the worlds population on social media (thats 2.8 billion people), and keeping an eye on whos doing what on which social platforms can be helpful to businesses, according to a handy in
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Super Mario: Pre Registration on Google Play
You have been feeling bad about not getting Super Mario Run for Android platform while your friends with Apple iPhone enjoy the game, fret not. Nintendo just dropped a major hint that pretty much conf
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Find & replace text in MySQL Table
Mostly, we use manual find option to replace a content in MySQL database using PHPMyadmin. But when it comes to find and replace in a large table, we feel like an ant against a mountain. The only ques
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Top 5 Best Mobile Recharge Apps that You Must Check Out
Are you facing hassles while recharging your mobile online? Well, why take the pain when you have a smart phone handy and App Store installed in it! As app stores are flooded with various apps, you wi
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Apple releases Swift 3.0 : A major update
swift ios programming languageSwift 3.0, the first major release of Swift given that it used to be open-sourced, is now officially released! Swift 3 is a large release containing essential improvements and refinements to the core
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Include PHP files: Multiple ways
As a developer, we mostly know to include n number of PHP files using two functions. First, include() or include_once() and the other require() or require_once(). Both has their own way of including f
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Windows 10 PCs to get Windows Holographic access by 2017
Windows 10 users will be able to dive into mixed reality starting next year, with an update planned that can let any mainstream Windows 10 PC run the Windows Holographic shell the company first reveal
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Facebooks Ambitious Plan to Connect the Whole World
A short time later Zuckerberg, dressed in a dark suit and a tie, has come to make the case that the Internet should be considered, like health care or clean water, a basic human right. He sees this as
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Huawei Launches Its Flagship P9 With Dual Camera In India At 39990
Huawei made another addition to the growing population of dual-camera phones in India with their flagship product Huawei P9 today. At an event in Delhi the phone was unveiled at 39990. Originally, the
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