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Ondeweb is for Web designers and developers, with a focus on useful techniques, best practices, valuable resources reviews, troubleshooting.
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Swift, a powerful and intuitive programming language for iOS: Apple
It’s been a day Apple introduces iOS 8 Yosemite and swiftly, Swift programming language for iOS gets introduced at WWDC. Swift, a new programming language, announced by Apple for designing and develop
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Birth & Rise of Google
GOOGLE – a word everyone knows. Google has replaced the word ‘Search’ with ‘Google it’! That’s power. And Google Inc. has become undoubtedly the most influential companies among the world. Why not? Go
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Responsive Design Website for 2014: Why it is important infographic
In one of my earlier post (this one) we discussed about the ‘how to’ responsive design of e-commerce website. In the below infographic we are looking into ‘why’ responsive design of websites. If you a
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Java Design Pattern: Cheatsheet
Java Design Pattern CheatSheet This is a wonderful cheatsheet to remember 23 GOF design patterns, nice colors makes it look good on your desk as well. I have also covered some of the design pattern me
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Marquee with CSS and Jquery
Marquee tag (‘ marquee ‘) one quite well known tag pre-HTML5 era. As time went on, people did not care about this. What makes it standalone is its concept still lives on. Today, marquee tag support ha
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No. of options inversely proportionate to conversions rate: Infographic from Quicksprout
Thinking of giving maximum options to your visitors and users? This could be a bad idea. Yes, a bad idea according to Quicksprout’s Neil Patel. This was during his case study he acquired this knowledg
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Display Facebook page likes: Easiest way
Every one is a fan of Facebook fan page. But if you are a developer, this is for you and will definitely interest you. This easiest way to display Facebook page likes. This actually started when I wan
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Dell Inspiron 15r 5537 i3/4th gen/4010U/4gb/500GB Review
Welcome. Few months back I reviewed Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 laptop with i5 3rd generation processor and 1gB HDD. The post is here… Recently I got chance to review another dell laptop with Intel i3 4th
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ZyXEL N300 NBG-418N Wireless Router: Review
Been using D-Link N150 DSL2730U router for some time. Then thought to go for a change over to better. Searched online, searched physical stores and finally stopped at ZyXEL 418n with 300 Mbps speed,
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A responsive e-commerce website: How to be
Merry Christmas to all of you! I was (and still) busy with some projects I couldn’t be regular to my blog. As every one of you know that its a time for high mobility as much as possible. And a websit
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