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Mp3 Rare Collection

Mp3 Rare Collection
MRC is the best platform to download old rare music which cannot be found easily on the internet.
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Hangama hai kiun barpa beautiful ghazal by Ghulam Ali
A beautiful ghazal that caught my heart intensely after I gave it a listen, the poet said some great verses on the love of drinking.:') makes me cry out wahh!Kia khoob arz kia hai shair ne,"Hangama ha

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Kahin Chand Rahon Mein Kho Gaya By Chandan Dass
kahin chand rahon mein mp3 ghazal chandan
Chandan Dass (conceived 12 March 1956) is a prevalent Indian ghazal vocalist. Chandan Dass started singing from the age of eight, when he began preparing under the tutelage of Ustad Moosa Khan. He was

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Kabhi Kabar Mila Kar Ghazal By Khalil Haider
kabhi kabar new ghazals khalil haider mp3
Kabhi Kabar Mila Kar is exceptionally uncommon ghazal by Khalil Haider and its never been posted on the web yet. Mp3 Rare Collection is the first to transfer this awesome ghazal by the youthful capabl

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Kabhi Toh Tum Ko Yaad Song By Ahmed Rushdi
Kabhi Toh Tum Ko Yaad mp3 ahmed rushdi
Ahmed Rushdi, was an adaptable Pakistani playback artist who worked in film music and was a vital patron to the Golden Age of Pakistani film music. His wonderful voice much the same as in this tune wa

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Kab Aao Ge Tum Aao Ge Ghazal By Ustad Fateh Ali and Ustad Amanat Ali
kab aao ge ghazal fateh ali and amanat ali
Kab Aao Ge is certainly the best ghazal of all times. The two fabulous siblings Fateh Ali & Amanat Ali sang it like nobody ever had. This ghazal is the sort of ghazal that touches your heart and makes

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Kaun Virane Mein Dekhe Ga Bahar Ghazal By K.L Saigal
Kaun virane mein dekhe gar bahar kl saigal ghazal
Another expansion to our K.L Saigal's ghazals gathering. Kaun Virane Mein Dekhe Ga Bahar is written by Mirza Ghalib which presumably is one of the best ghazal ever. The way Saigal sang it merits givin

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Shukriya Hasti Ka Ghazal By K.L Saigal
Shukriya Hasti Ka Ghazal
Another magnificent old ghazal from the best of all times K.L Saigal. Shukriya Hasti Ka is by the poet; Seemab Akbarabadi, a wonderful spirtual ghazal in which he composed some incredible verses about

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Ibn E Mariyam Hua Kare Koi Ghazal By K.L Saigal
Ibn E Mariyam Hua Kare Koi Ghazal
"Ibn E Mariyam Hua Kare Koi" is from the best writer of all times; Mirza Ghalib, in which he portrays that how frantically he needs Mariyam's(Mary's) child Isa (Jesus) to return in this world again an

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Lata Mangeshkar
Lata Mangeshkar
Lata Mangeshkar (conceived 28 September 1929) is an Indian vocalist, and incidental music-author. She is one of the best-known and most regarded playback vocalists in India. Mangeshkar's vocation bega

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Jaag Aur Dekh Zara Ghazal By K.L Saigal
Jaag Aur Dekh Zara Ghazal
The traditional voiced and the most gifted ghazal craftsman of the old ages sang "Jaag Aur Dekh Zara" a delightful and profound ghazal by the fanciful writer Seemab Akbarabadi. The established music a

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